HYPE worthy ……or not

Greetings everyone this is our very first blog on Hypemastergeneral HMG.
True to our name we are going to get right to the hype of it cos thats just what we do.
We begin with our list of artists and record labels that need a bit more hype. and a few little pointers on how we think they should pursue it. In addtion we would take it upon us to drive this HYPE!
First of Brymo. Please note Brymo is an accomplished STAR! with tremendous international recognition.This phenominal act has been in in the industry for over a decade toping charts in Nigeria and even Sudan.
So why HYPE you say? simple why not? You can’t afford to go cold in this game. Once you hot, ride on that for as long as you can

Im my opinion Choc Boiz have lost a bit of presence in the music scene,even though Ice Prince is racking up some attention, in comparison to EME crew, the differnce is staggering. Again in my opinon, Choc boiz can do a remix of Brymo’s classic shawdy wich was released way back in 2008 (see video above) and then feature all record members and we might just have us a banger!! in addition to everyone getting to know the real depth of brymo’s talent,the beat is just begging for that MI magic…its a win win (again my opinion)
What do you guys think? Is this HYPE worthy…or not?


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